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Care And Support From Bluebird Care
Bluebird cared for my mother for the last two years. At first with a morning visit and then rapidly, as her strength declined and she became increasingly weak and dependent, with live-in care. I live in NZ and liaised with the carers and management with ease and their responses to my requests were always dealt with rapidly and efficiently. Most importantly for me, my mother was able to live and die in her home with safety and security. An added bonus was that her carers were not just professional, but loving and compassionate and so when she died peacefully in her sleep, it was with a carers by her side. I would recommend the Lewisham team without reservation.
Adam G
10th February 2018

Bluebird Care
If it suits me, why should I not recommend. I have had nothing but being well cared for.
P Molland
25th January 2018

Happy and caring
I would recommend my carers as they were happy and caring. It is nice to have company while my daughter is on holiday.
Win M
16th January 2018

Bluebird Care Lewisham
I could not do without Bluebird Care visits, I really enjoy their time spent with me.
L Smith
11th January 2018

Really good at their job
I think the carers are really good at their job and look after their clients. They are caring.
Helen W
15th November 2017

Conscientious, well trained, punctual
All staff are conscientious, well trained, punctual and professional without losing the friendly interactive personal skills.
A Cole
9th November 2017

Very happy with the care
I am very happy with the care I am given, I am quite happy. Very happy with my live in carer, happy with everyone.
Alice P
9th November 2017

I have been very pleased
I have been very pleased with Bluebird and its carers. I had one small experience with another agency and it was unbelievably bad, so good for Bluebird.
5th October 2017

I love the girls in blue
I love the girls in blue, they come on time, they are very good to me. My live in carer is very good, I like her very much. She is kind and caring.
Joyce W
21st September 2017

Care And Support Provided For My Mother
Since a friend recommended Bluebird care for my mother about a year and a half ago, I have been less worried about her and know that she is in good hands. I live abroad and am therefore unable to be with her as much as I would like. Everyone at the office was extremely helpful and compassionate when my father passed away last winter, and since then the carers have been a wonderful solace to my mother, and seem to enjoy her company in addition. The ones I have met are very sweet young women. They are a great team, and provide care of a quality I had not found elsewhere. Thank you Bluebird!
18th September 2017

Lewisham Blue Bird Care
In just over one year of care, we have never been let down. Even when staff have needed to cancel at short notice, Bluebird have always provided a willing substitute. The standard of care is excellent, and we look forward to their daily visit. It would be hard to imagine coping, without their professional and caring support.
18th August 2017

Support For Mum
I have been really pleased with the professional and helpful care offered to my mother. I am always able to communicate with Kate and Anna who make both my mother and I feel that it is no trouble when discussing any matters. They are always very kind. All the care given to my mother is of a high standard and I know she is safe with Bluebird Care.
20th July 2017

Live In Care For Father
We have finally struck gold with a carer that understands the illness and the way it evolves and has found a way to create a peaceful area /life for my father. The disease is brutal - but at the same time there has been compassion and thought in all things that the carer has done. The key bit is finding a suitable and regular carer for the 2 weeks that the principal carer has for their own respite. We have made some progress in that department however.
Tim Scanlan
19th July 2017

Care Provided For My Husband
My husband and I have both been really happy with the service we have had from Bluebird. From the first contact through to the care sessions. We started off with one session per week but it has been such a positive experience we have very quickly increased our sessions. We have been impressed with the attention to detail and the importance of dignity in the care plan. We have only experienced two carers both of whom are lovely and it has been great having the continuity of the same carer.
28th June 2017

Professional care and assistance
Thank you for your professional care and assistance in looking after 'P'. First we would like to specifically make a mention to Violet who we feel was the perfect live in carer we could have hoped to find and had funds allowed us we would have continued with live in care but unfortunately it was not possible. We were very skeptical at first about the whole process but after meeting Violet for the first time we were a little easier about it all. Violet is a very unassuming lady with a great deal of affection but more than capable of dealing with the situations presented to her. We felt quite confident in going on holiday for the period of time we were away and we would like to say what an asset she is to Bluebird. We have been impressed with all the carers that have visited 'P' but would like to especially mention Pamela, Carmel and Regina who have become fondly looked upon by us for their different personalities but with the underlying caring element being the same in them all. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Bluebird to people in the future and would like to thank you all once again for your professional and friendly service.
22nd June 2017

I think Bluebird is outstanding.
31st January 2017

Reliable, punctual and friendly
We started using Bluebird care to assist with my Mum. We have found them to be reliable, punctual and friendly. The care for her is mainly dealt with by one main carer and a couple of others which we find helpful as does my Mum as she gets to know them. Bluebird care use an Open Pass App which we find very useful as we are able to look up her care for that day wherever we are and know how she has been and what has happened during the visit. The uniform is a great visual assistance.
24th January 2017

Care From Bluebird
Recommended friends who were in need as my Bluebird carer has been so great.
Mrs Molland
24th January 2017

Care Provide For Mother
At short notice Bluebird carers helped my mother with some task of daily living e.g. assistance with washing and mobility and also provided some social chat.
Diana C
14th January 2017

Care From Bluebird
We have been very happy with the carers that you have sent to us. They have all been very caring and interesting people and my husband enjoys their company . They do all that we ask of them and more
13th December 2016

Really happy
Really happy about all aspects of care and professionalism.
Red M
13th December 2016

Care For Mum
We are highly pleased and satisfied, especially with the regular carer, Sharon, who besides being wonderful with Mum is a welcome presence in the house every time. If Sharon is away, Kate or Anna always warn us, and the substitute - Pam, Eunice, Vanessa - are excellent too. And whenever we ask for some extra sitting hours, including at the last moment, it always seems to get sorted.
Alex C
12th December 2016

Our Visits
After my wife's discharge from hospital we relied upon Council Carers, who could only provide short visits. The standard was acceptable, but their timing was erratic., The situation was transformed when we moved to Bluebird. We were able, at last, to get all our necessary jobs done, by cheerful and efficient staff. Punctuality is observed, so we know when the Carers will start caring. Your standards are very high.
Desmond Churcher
29th November 2016

Thank you all for the effort and attention you exercised
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the effort and attention that you exercised to ensure my mother was safe and comfortable. Certainly, this often went beyond what had been originally contracted. If there was a problem you always made contact and immediately made me aware of any care concerns that had manifested. This was much appreciated. I hope very much that I can find opportunities to publicise your services.
12th October 2016