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Halpern House, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2QA

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"PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT use this agency. All staff are rude, two faced and will leave you in the lurch. They will either arrive late or not at all and when questioned they admit they forget to include your visit in their rota then you have to wait an hour whilst they call around trying to find a carer to attend to you. Even their own carers don't like the bosses and they get sent to homes where they know the clients are away on holiday and when asked by the carer their reply is "oh sorry forget to tell you that!". Some carers will feed your loved one piping hot food and big chunks then when they are choking all they say is "oh no they are only coughing!". You will get ignored in your own house and made to feel so awkward... especially when they start talking in their own native language over you and in front of their client. When you call the owner to find out where a carer is as they are again late you are answered but a bloke that has just woken up and yawning saying "I don't know... someone should have been there!". Once last week even the director lied to is.... we called at 440pm chasing up the teatime care to be told she couldn't get anyone there until 530pm as she couldn't attend as she was driving back from Romsey.... but within 2 mins of that call she was knocking at the door of my father's (she had been sitting out there all the time!).

Please use at your own risk...... they will dump you without notice at any time they wish. My mother has late stage dementia and needs all the care possible... she can't speak talk or walk and now can't eat.. so what does this agency do... they pull the plug on her care as from 630pm this evening with no other care put into place for her as from the morning. Great caring agency this is. Please do not trust.

Not even sure they are a genuine company as it's run from their own home and most of the carers live there!!"
Anonymous, 25th June 2017


Universal Care Agency Ltd is registered to provide personal care for people in their own homes.

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