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Very Grateful
Thank you all for all your very kind help. I am very grateful to you all.
16th February 2018

Trinity Homecare
The carer knows Mum very well and understands her needs. She will raise issues over Mum's welfare and handles her carefully. She is very cheerful and Mum looks forward to her visits. Overall the service is reliable and they will contact us if a carer is running late or if there is a problem.
7th February 2018

Always kind, pleasant and chatty
The carer is always kind, pleasant and chatty, happy to share her personal life. We trust her in the house. She makes a real effort, shows pictures of her daughter and engages with us during her visits.
Gavin B
30th January 2018

Very helpful and accommodating
You have always been very helpful and accommodating when I have had to change our allocated hours. I am confident that I can leave 'B' in your care to enable me to utilise my respite hours. The carer is a very nice person, sensitive to 'B's' changing moods, he has always been a trustworthy person.
16th January 2018

A great support
D.B. has put up with me for periods of months on two occasions and has been a great support, my family has appreciated her kindness and efficiency. S is excellent at looking after all essentials, a reasonable cook, very tidy and conscientious. C is helpful with academic aspirations who cooks well and can conduct a good conversation.
Richard F
9th January 2018

My Grandad is so well looked after
My Grandad is so well looked after, we never have to worry about anything. My Nan is constantly singing the carer's praises. She is so hard working and we could not ask for a better team looking after my grandad. The carer is amazing and a credit to the Trinity team.
Nicki T
13th December 2017

All of the carers are lovely
All of the carers are lovely and I am so happy with the service and would recommend to anyone. I would be lost without my carer. Nothing is ever too much trouble, she is thoughtful, kind and a wonderful carer. She always goes above and beyond what is expected. She is a joy to have in my home.
12th December 2017

Training with the staff at Trinity Homecare
I was asked to conduct some training for Trinity Homecare over the last 3 days. As the trainer it is my job to make them feel comfortable in a situation that they had not faced before, however it was Kim, Rachel, Hazel and Debbie that made me feel most welcome and settled me in to their place of work effortlessly. Throughout the 3 days I have found the staff there (including the ones not on the course) to very friendly and helpful. For the ladies that I have had the privilege and honour to work with on the course, they are fun to be around but the one thing that struck me was their passion, professionalism and caring nature to the job that they do. I am not at the stage in my life where I need these people, however if and when I do, then I would have no hesitation in wanting to be looked after by these special people. With the ratings below I have only answered the last one as the others do not apply.
Del Martin
18th November 2017

Always pleasant and respectful
Our carer enjoys her role, always pleasant and respectful to us both. Trustworthy across the board. She cares for 'D' very well, she is cheerful and lively, we are very fond of her. Trinity Care is managed very well indeed. The caring comes from the top and we are never let down.
Sylvia L
14th November 2017

Care and dignity
I would like to thank Trinity and their staff for the care and dignity they provided whilst looking after me. I look forward to using their care and help int he future.
7th November 2017

Trinity Homecare
Yvette is wonderful, I cannot thank you enough for finding her and we would happily have her back again if and when it suits her plans.
Estelle Q
14th September 2017

Care, good advice and support
The care and support my mother received from the ladies was immense. She formed a strong bond with Haley whom I cannot praise highly enough. Shona has been a tower of strength, care, good advice and support, not only to my mother. To me she has been of invaluable help, especially when it was necessary to make difficult decisions, Shona was there for us all, she really does go the extra mile and I shall never be able to thank her enough. If any friends mention they need home care for a relative I shall without hesitation recommend Trinity Homecare.
Diane P
14th September 2017

Trinity Homecare
I would like to say how pleased we are as a family with the care provided to our relative. All staff have been great and we appreciate their kindness.
Hazel A
23rd August 2017

Exceptional care, love and support
We want to thank the Trinity team for the exceptional care, love and support provided to our father. The care was notable for the commitment and dedication of the staff who could not do enough for him. They always treated him with dignity and respect and he really enjoyed talking to them and sharing his knowledge and experiences and also hearing about their lives. They are a great team and it is a testament to Trinity that they have created an ethos of high quality care and respect for the people they help. They also supported us and we knew we could contact then at any time if we needed advice and support. It is heartening to know that such great people are working as care professionals. We cannot thank them enough for everything.
Susie H
1st August 2017

Trinity Homecare
Dad was falling, stopped making meals and was muddled taking tablets. He had three days of Carers going in for short periods, but it was never going to work. He didn't want to go to a Nursing Home and we couldn't move in. 24 hr Care was the lesser of the evils for him, but never embraced as a good idea (why would it be? Suddenly having a stranger live in your flat with you - Yikes!) One of the team came to assess dad, and chat to us.Over two years, dad had several diferent Live In Carers - all very individual, there was only one that didn't work out. We found the Management pretty much faultless. Supportive to dad, us and the Carers. Nothing seemed too much trouble for them, and they seem to work seemlessly together. Dads keyworker, Sally, was a star and it was really good to meet her after we had spoken so many times - along with chocs n flowers for dad. There were lots of ups and downs - she kept me sane with her caring Professionalism, empathy and sense of humour. Dad had a period of time in hosptal then a N.Home which we managed to get him home from, and Trinity picked up again. Dad died at home three months after this. All went well. The Carer kept her distance, as the family came in to do the Caring side of things. Sally remained by my (email!) side.
Deb Wilkes
17th July 2017

Well Managed Service...Gravy Disappointing!
Trinity caught our eye when researching Live In Care for our dad, who didn't want it but life had got to a point where he was unsafe with Meds and not eating at all. I have had dealings with Care Agencies in my job, and hadn't been optimistic! As far as their Management goes, I can't think of one complaint in over 2 years - professional, friendly, efficient and proactive, with a much needed sense of humour, they seem a tight team who are supportive of their Carers. We had one Carer that wasn't up to usual standards and she had to leave, I was impressed that they got back to me to say they were putting her straight on a course to deal with this. All the Carers have been well trained and this shows. We have had several different ones and , like all of us, they come with their own manner and personality, which, when given a short settling in period, has nearly always worked out well for dad and us as a family. Any niggle is dealt with quickly. When dad got CCG funding on leaving a Nursing Home he disliked, we asked for Trinity back, and still have them with us. He gets confused & falls daily, but I do feel more confident than I did when he was in the NH and he certainly gets more person centred care. Main suggestion for Trinity training - alongside Safeguarding and Medication giving, please please have a hands on afternoon 'How to make a tasty gravy'...they all use water and granules!!
Deb Wi
26th June 2017

Why mum loves Trinity
Mum loves her morning call from Trinity,the girls are caring and kind . Best of all she likes her regular girl , they have bonded very well and have a good chat during the call . Regards Liz ( daughter).
Liz K
23rd June 2017

I appreciate all the help
I appreciate all the help you gave me when I was ill and so did my family who know I was in safe hands.
22nd June 2017

Time, commitment and care
We have been very happy with Anghel and I have really appreciated more than I can ever say, just how much time, commitment and care she has given to 'J' and to our family. Will you please share our thanks and appreciation with all your staff with whom I have had such agreeable contact over the past months. You have always all been so patient and helpful and I have communicated this to 'J's' key worker. Coral did some really good work with my brother and helped him to make so much more of his life.
Helen L
16th May 2017

Care and dignity
I would like to thank you and your staff for the care and dignity provided whilst looking after me. I look forward to using your care and help in the future.
9th May 2017

Heartfelt care in your home
Heartfelt care in your home, Trinity's motto is true to it's word. They all loved and cared for Mum as they did for myself and my family. Thank you for the final 'spa day' and for last hair wash and braid. Thanks you for the bunches of daffodils during her last week to give her a touch of the spring she couldn't get out to see and experience. And thank you for being there for us. You were and are our angels. Go on doing what you are doing, bring support, comfort, care and joy to so many lives. We love you, will never forget you.
Rosie K
6th April 2017

Thank you
Thank you all very very much for all your very kind help and time and for the very kind shopping visits. I am really grateful to you all.
Peter L
5th April 2017

Patience, tolerance, genuine affection
My family and I would like to thank all at Trinity Homecare for the marvelous care which was given to 'V' over the years. Each member of staff showed both patience and tolerance and genuine affection for her, even when she was in one of her stroppy moods. All the ladies became very dear friends to us both and I will miss their humour and smiling faces. We are always hearing about carers and how awful they are to their clients but in all the time Trinity Homecare dealt with my dear wife they only showed care and compassion along with good humour. Once again thank you, your staff are a credit to you.
Jim K
24th March 2017

We are very grateful to Trinity
We are very grateful to Trinity for the very sympathetic carers you have found to provide care for, and companionship to, our mother. As our respective care managers over the past five years you have both been wonderfully supportive and continuously understanding and receptive to our Mother's care needs. Your friendly and sympathetic voices at the other end of the phone line were hugely reassuring when faced with carer dilemmas and worries, and sharing your advice and understanding of the nature of caring for the aging was instructive and most helpful. So thank you very much for helping to make all our lives easier during the past five years.
Diana S
14th February 2017

Thank you all
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care that you gave to Dad. We do not know what we would have done without our Trinity friends. Thank you all.
7th February 2017

Thoroughly recommend
My carer has been with me for over 2 months and I can thoroughly recommend her. No job is ever too big for her. She has a smile for everyone, a very pleasant personality and shows an interest in other peoples lives.
Nancy W
26th January 2017

A shining example, an absolute credit
Is there anything more we can do to appreciate the way Hamdi has handled events over the past few days? The first thing she did when the crash occurred was to get Mum out of the house, phone the police and make sure Mum had a coat and was warm, how she managed to think at all in those circumstances is beyond me. She kept her away from the devastation inside. She called the appropriate people finding Mum somewhere to be for the day, then proceeded to source a roof over their heads for the night. She even thought to put small notes int he visible windows to let people know that they were OK and where they were. She has arranged for Mum's friends to visit them and has kept things as normal as possible for her. Without her dedication I have no idea what would have happened, the insurance company wanted to send Mum to a care home on her own, which would have been the worst outcome possible and might have had to happen if Hamdi hadn't sourced the home they are staying at now. The fact that she has appreciated the importance of her continued presence with Mum is due to the utmost credit, she has suffered from the shock and I am simply amazed that she has not wanted to go home to recuperate but has instead put my Mother first in her priorities. When we agreed to have live in care I was cautious but cannot believe the level of care and dedication Hamdi has provided, she is an absolute credit to the company and a shining example of the very best in the care industry.
Estelle Q
20th January 2017

Wonderful support, a personal service
I want to thank you on behalf of my mother and all the family for the wonderful support you have shown to us over the past thirteen months. I know that our first contact with you was under difficult circumstances and you were not then my mother's Care Manager so could have passed the buck, but instead you pitched in and did everything you said you would do and most importantly kept us fully informed throughout the process. It was a very personal service and your professional but wholly empathetic approach was just what was needed and that is why we asked for my mother to be placed under your care, and our trust in you certainly has not been misplaced. Thank you for agreeing to take us on. We have had one or two challenging situations over the past year, but you have risen to each of these situations with calmness, support and a professionalism which has meant a great deal to me especially.
Jo G
17th January 2017

Independence and company
I would like to thank you and all Mum's carers for the work you do not only for her but for others too. She is really happy with her 'girls' as she calls them and does appreciate what they do for her. From someone who was skeptical initially when my sister and I suggested she needed assistance she does realise now that it does give her independence and company if we cannot get around.
Rosemary M
12th January 2017

Exceptional care
Thank you for the exceptional care you provide.
D Gray
15th December 2016

Thank you
Could I take the opportunity to thank all at Trinity Homecare for looking after Mum so well for the last 18 months or so, I know it has been a difficult job at times.
Graham C
17th November 2016

Kind and caring
I have had a care package from Trinity Homecare for the last 9 weeks whilst I recovered from illness. I wanted to let you know how beneficial it was to have the carers visiting me three times a week. I am sure their kindness and care helped greatly towards my recovery.
Stella H
15th November 2016

They are all heroes
My thanks to Trinity for all the help and for sending the schedules to me each Friday. They were always so helpful and polite and having those schedules made such a difference for me.
S Longley
27th October 2016

A very big thank you
I cannot express enough the appreciation and gratitude I feel as in most cases you went beyond the call of duty. The carers were exceptional throughout, without their help and dedication I do not know how I would have gotten through it.Although those days were a bit of a blur I will not forget their compassion and care. All of the carers as well as the office staff are wonderful, they are all part of a great team.
Sue L
27th October 2016

The best carer we have had
I am very happy with Lucia and she is well liked by my relative which is the most important thing. She has been with us now for some time and she is the best carer we have had, plus we have a very good working relationship.
Brian P
13th October 2016

Thank you very much
Thank you very much for all you have done in the last two months to keep my mother well and happy. I am very aware that it is not always easy but you have done a great job. Thank you again for spending a chunk of the summer with my mother and doing so much in the house and garden. We appreciate it very much.
4th October 2016

A very large thank you
A very large thank you to all the Trinity team who looked after our loved one. We were all so grateful that you could provide such great care over the last few years but especially in her last few days.
4th October 2016

Thank you
Thank you for your card on my ninety fifth birthday, much appreciated.
27th September 2016

Every carer is so caring
I cannot fault the carers who visit me, they do everything that I ask and brighten up my day. I have had to change my call times recently and this has been no problem.
Franj H
13th September 2016

Honest, hardworking and caring
Pat continues to work hard to ensure my parents are safe, well and happy in their home. My father has chronic health difficulties and Pat is very attentive to their needs. My mother is not always comfortable with another person in the home, particularly in her kitchen, and some conflicts can arise, but are usually solved promptly. I am very happy that Pat is so honest, hardworking and caring and she always shows good judgement when assessing their needs. I am also very happy to have the reassurance of Trinity's management, especially Sally Mawji's involvement. Sally is very quick to respond to any queries and very supportive to me and helping when I have any problems relevant to my parent's needs.
A Davidson
10th September 2016

Thank you
Thank you on behalf of myself and my family for all the help and support that you gave over the time you were looking after nan and granddad. They mean the world to me and the fact that they were looked after was very important. I know that we will still keep in touch.
10th September 2016

Care, professionalism and results
Melinda arrived sent by an angel to help us out in a traumatic situation with care, professionalism and results! We are so happy with Ola and my Mother is blossoming at 98.
R Lanza
10th September 2016

More than happy with Trinity
We have been more than happy with all the carers that Trinity have provided and it has been nice for Dad to stay in his own home when away.
L Shields
10th September 2016

Staff testimonial
Although I don't work for Trinity Homecare very often, I honestly think they are one of the best companies in the UK. No kidding.
A Akrill
9th September 2016

Efficient and patient
Kevin is efficient, patient and we have no concerns about R's care when Kevin is there.
Mr Satterley
9th September 2016

Wonderful carer and companion
I would just like to record how sad we are to loose Maria. She has been a wonderful companion and carer to my mother over the past four months. She carried out all the care of my mother to a very high standard but also went beyond what we could expect, putting up bird feeders and filling the little bowls with food each day added so much to my mother's quality of life and gave her such pleasure. She also spent time painting mum's nails, coming and styling her hair, massaging her legs and feet which made Mum feel as she put it "so well cared for". She brought great good humour to the job and I arrived on many occasions to the sound of laughter.
J Goodall
9th September 2016

Helpful, kind
Alex fitted in easily and was helpful, kind and friendly.
9th September 2016

Joanne was excellent. Ten out of ten.
9th September 2016

Considerate of employees
Just wanted to say that having worked for a few other Care Agencies and I having listened to some of the stories of my friends that work for other companies (especially the very big ones!!) makes me REALLY appreciate Trinity and your consideration for your employees
9th September 2016

Care and professionalism
We wish to thank you for your care and professionalism in managing the care for our mum, who continues to be in good Trinity hands.
G White
9th September 2016

Our carer is excellent
Our carer Sarah is excellent. The family would like her back as often as possible. Sarah is positive, happy and pro-active making her home a pleasant, homely caring environment. Sarah is very well liked and a terrific carer - a firm favourite at Grantchester.
Mrs H
9th September 2016

The best carer Mum has had
Pina was without a doubt the best carer mum has had and we know how fond of her mum is. Thank you Pina for taking the time at Christmas to make the house so beautiful, it's things like that that show you go above and beyond the call of duty.
G Moran
8th September 2016

Most caring and efficient
Lisa is most caring and efficient.
R Korn
8th September 2016

Untitled review
It has been wonderful to work for Trinity Homecare, as the reputation of excellence has been there for many years . Good to know everyone in the office has been working hard. As a Live in Carer, I can only thank the professionalism of the Managers I have worked with. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GREATEST TEAM !!! .
Maria De Oliveira
8th September 2016

A real companion for my Mother
Alicja continues to be a real companion for my mother, always cheerful, respectful and extremely caring. We are very fortunate to have her.
8th September 2016

Very caring
Mihaela continues to be hard working and is very caring to both my parents. She has turned my parents house from a hospital to a warm cosy home and always keeps it tidy and clean. Mum is in late stages of dementia and Mihaela is so patient and kind - mum can take half an hour to drink her tea. Mihaela also has a great relationship with my dad and at last I can get on with my life knowing my parents are safe in her care. Debbie has been very good at understanding the needs of my parents. I will always be grateful to her for sending Mihaela to care for my parents as it has changed my life (for the better) in so may ways.
A King
31st July 2016

Friendly, dedicated and cheerful
I thought it appropriate to say that Aleksandra was without doubt one of the most friendly, dedicated, cheerful carers we have had. She took on her role as a professional and never faltered with the result that my father has never been happier!! I don't know if she will remain on your books but if so we would welcome her back at any time. Solid gold!
S Adams
30th July 2016

Poor Customer Communications
21st April 2016
Trinity Homecare replied on 26th April 2016:
I was sorry to read your disappointment that we were unable to restart your step-father's care package upon his discharge from hospital. We always aim to restart a care package for someone we have cared for previously when they are discharged from hospital. We keep a space open for 2 weeks when someone is admitted to hospital. At the end of the 2 week period we contact the family to ask if they want us to continue to hold the space open for a small retainer. This was declined. Unfortunately it is not possible to indefinitely hold packages open in these circumstances so our staff were redeployed. However we always want to help and we reassessed your father's needs in hospital on 14th March. This identified a significant increase in his care needs with the required package of care increasing from one visit a day to 4 x 2 care workers each day. At this time we indicated that we should be in a position to restart the care package subject to a number of risks being mitigated. New equipment was required including a hoist. This equipment was ordered by the OT at St Helier. We understand there were a number of delays in the provision and acceptance of this equipment which lead to a delay in discharge. These factors were beyond our control. With regret we contacted your mother on 4th April to advise that we were no longer in a position to take back the care package. We accept that this will have come as a disappointment and we appologise for this. We are reviewing how this was handled to see how improvements could be made. Contrary to your review, I can confirm that we have been inspected by the Care Quality Commission, most recently on 5th/6th April 2016. We are waiting for CQC to publish their inspection report which we are advised will be made available as a public document on their website shortly. As part of this inspection CQC received written feedback from 19 people using the agency, two relatives and 29 members of staff. During the inspection they spoke with several of our managers including, myself, the Head of Operations, the registered manager, the hourly (domiciliary) homecare manager, and a senior member of staff from the providers human resources and staff recruitment department. They also spoke with two senior care coordinators, two care workers and four new care workers who were receiving their induction training at the time of the inspection. Furthermore they looked at various records including the care plans of ten people using the agency, the files of six members of staff and other records relating to the management and clinical governance of the service. As we have verbal feedback following the inspection we are confident that their findings will show Trinity Homecare as Safe, Effective, Caring, Well Lead and Responsive. We were also inspected by CQC on 7th January 2014, and a copy of this inspection report is available on our website which showed that we were meeting all regulatory standards. As we have moved offices since that inspection, CQC publish this report under an archive location. The report can be found on the CQC website at I have spoken to your brother today in relation to this matter and would be happy to discuss this further with you if you wish. Yours sincerely Mike, Managing Director

The carers are kind people
I am very grateful to Trinity Homecare for finding us so many good carers over the years. It made such a difference for my poor sister's life, having kind people to look after her when she was so ill.
7th August 2015

Responsible and reliable
Our carer from Trinity Homecare is responsible and reliable, she has genuine interest in caring and shows this in a way that supports her client. He always looks forward to seeing her and they both get on well interacting. She appears to like cooking and is adventurous with it, which he loves, and hopefully this will help him to develop his culinary skills. She supports him to pursue his own interests and liaises well with me giving feedback as when is necessary.
5th August 2015

Pleasant and experienced
The carer we see from Trinity Homecare is pleasant to deal with, ready to do things our way and seems experienced.
5th August 2015

They have come up trumps
We have used Trinity Homecare twice now and each time they have come up trumps as to what we needed. The carer is calming and efficient, she quietly goes about her business with exceptionally good manners, we like her very much.
5th August 2015

Doing a wonderful job
The carer from Trinity Homecare is excellent, she is really doing a wonderful job of looking after my mother and has even managed to persuade her to go out to an event. She carried out my mothers personal care thoughtfully and respectfully, shops and cooks well, keeps the house spotless and looks after practical issues. She has a warm personality, works hard and clearly wants to do the best job she can. I feel very confident leaving my mother in her care.
5th August 2015

An absolute star
'M' has been an absolute star, she has applied her wealth of experience to looking after my mother so effectively. She is also always ready to adapt her approach as she gets to know what my mother needs. Though her remit is not to look after my father, she is always very mindful of what he appreciates eg a sense of independence.
4th August 2015

They have made such a difference to our lives
Although we have only had this carer from Trinity Homecare for a few weeks she has already made such a difference to our lives. She transformed mum's bedroom from hospital ward into a clean tidy bedroom again. She works very hard.
A King
30th July 2015

Kind and compassionate
The carer from Trinity Homecare was very kind, very helpful and extremely compassionate. She is conscientious and intelligent and she was more than excellent. She is a very dedicated carer.
30th July 2015

So very sweet
I just wanted to say that the carers we had from Trinity Homecare were so very sweet and good with our relative when coaxing him to get ready for bed, they have a magic touch. They are both also very sympathetic to me which I appreciate.
30th July 2015
Trinity Homecare replied on 13th November 2015:
Thank you for your kind feedback.

Well run and organised agency
I have found 'P' from Trinity Homecare to be a splendid carer. She has settled happily in my home and we have a very agreeable relationship. She has a kind and caring nature and copes very well. I would like to think we have become friends and my family are well satisfied with her anticipation of my physical needs. The agency seems to be well run and organised, the carers are excellent.
M Davis
29th July 2015

A hard act to follow
Our carer from Trinity Homecare will be a very hard act to follow, she has immense patience with Mum, she is open, kind and fits in very well with the family.
Gail Fulton
29th July 2015

Professional and compassionate
Liz from Trinity Homecare was professional at all times and cared for our relative with compassion and empathy. We found Trinity to be administratively efficient and helpful in arranging care.
29th July 2015

An outstanding carer
Our carer from Trinity Homecare has been outstanding. She is very calm, reassuring and sympathetic, her manner is very respectful and she has coped with the patients mood swings very well. She has organised doctor appointments, hospital and physio appointments and has helped with changes in medication. She also organised a porch rail for the front and back of the house and accompanies her to hairdressers.
E Montague
29th July 2015

Our carer ist he very best
I would like to say that our current carer from Trinity Homecare is the very best. She is brilliant with my mother and Mum really appreciates her and likes her enormously. She is a lovely, capable, competent, sensible person who has made all the difference for me too.
28th July 2015

We are so happy with our carer
We are very happy with our carer from Trinity Homecare, she is not intrusive at all, there is a very good balance and she is very good with our relatives personal care. We have a much nicer life now and it is making a great difference to our lives, we could not be happier.
24th July 2015

Positive, enthusiatic, cheerful
The carer from Trinity Homecare is positive, cheerful and enthusiastic about her care role. Our relative was very happy with her, she kept him busy, ran the home and prepared meals well. Absolutely no negatives in her care and her attitude, she was great.
L Brown
23rd July 2015

I could not recommend them more highly
UP to now we have had 2 carers for my mother from Trinity Homecare. Having sworn she did not need any full time help, she has been much happier with the company and has put back the weight she had lost by forgetting to eat. Both carers have been delightful, caring, hard working and have fitted in with the family easily. I could not recommend the agency more highly.
G Fulton
21st July 2015

Friendly service
We are happy with the friendly service from Trinity Homecare and the high quality of their carers.
A Grant
21st July 2015

Warm, empathetic, patient
Our carer from Trinity Homecare is a warm, empathetic and patient person. She is dedicated to her role and completes all tasks with a positive approach. Nothing is too much trouble, she is good company. Trinity has been there for us, every placement has been carefully considered and the majority of the time has proved successful. Email communication is satisfactory, we would recommend Trinity to others.
W Burnman
21st July 2015

Occupational Therapist
As an OT I have been working with a carer from Trinity Care at Home regarding a particular patient. The carer has taken to the sessions really well and has shown competence in dealing with the lag brace, standing and walking.
Donna L
3rd March 2015

Trinity find such good matches
What I particularly like about Trinity Care at Home is the way they find such good matches, which makes the handover so much easier. I have lost count of how many carers I have had over the years, but I am particularly pleased with 'H' from Trinity.
5th February 2015

The carers are marvellous
Without the care from Trinity Care at Home Mum would not have come home so early after a stroke. Thanks to their first class care, continuously at home and welcomed in the hospital, she is gradually regaining some of the pleasures of life. The carers are marvellous; supportive, encouraging, showing initiative and with humour at times. Having cared for her before and since the stroke they know what makes her tick and above all they continue to respect her choices and the pace of her progress.
Birdie T
5th February 2015

First class care
The carers dedication in looking after our relative is second to none. She does everything possible to ensure Mum is comfortable and in the best of health possible at the time, while also looking after the family and assisting in the running of the home. Trinity Care at Home have provided first class care.
Anne S
5th February 2015

Efficient Home Care
Trinity Care at Home are efficient and generally we have been extremely happy with the carers provided. They always respond quickly to email and have kept us updated when changes are being made.
Emily M
4th February 2015

Friendly and helpful
Trinity Care at Home have done a very good job these past few months when we faced some crisis points. Their ability to switch other carers in at short notice was very good. The carers are always friendly and helpful.
Alisdair G
4th February 2015

The carer has fitted in really well
We would like to thank Trinity Home Care for the recent placement. Carer M has fitted in really well and our S has thoroughly enjoyed her companionship. She has been very professional at all times. We are grateful for their support.
Wendy B
4th February 2015

They are worth their weight in gold!
I cannot thank the team at Trinity Care enough for their support in caring for my Mum. When I was struggling to cope it was these lovely ladies and their excellent team that came to my rescue. I realise how challenging their roles are so I wanted to take a few minutes to say a very genuine and heart felt thank you, they are worth their weight in gold.
Julia S
13th January 2015

Consistency of care
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Trinity Care at Home for their support and consistency of care. Our joined efforts enable this lovely lady to maintain her independence and remain at home, along with enjoying social inclusion which she thrives on.
Kim K
13th January 2015

Very happy with the care provided by Trinity Care, especially when it is a regular carer. I prefer having the same carer each week. I am lucky to have found Trinity Care. Peter S
Peter S
24th October 2014

Best care
All of the carers from Trinity Care at Home are lovely and keep my house very tidy. Graham J
Graham J
24th October 2014

One particular carer from Trinity Care is very thoughtful and understanding. On the whole very good, generally happy with their service. Margaret H
Margaret H
24th October 2014

A very caring provider
All of the carers from Trinity Care at Home have suited us very well indeed. We find them friendly and easy to get on with. They are efficient and businesslike but relaxed and unhurried as well, all very nice people. Mary E
Mary E
24th October 2014

Very happy with all of the carers
Perfectly happy with the carers from Trinity Care, sometimes they are the only people I see during the day. Jack R
Jack R
24th October 2014

General willingness
Trinity Care at Home is a jolly good care company, I would recommend them. They are worth the price. John A
John A
23rd September 2014

All the carers are lovely
All the carers from Trinity Care at Home are lovely, all carers are very helpful and nice. Gertrude B
Gertrude B
23rd September 2014