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Grateful for the help
Once again I am truly grateful for your help with 'B's care.
7th February 2018

Good support serivce
The service enables me to live in my own home with comfort and gives my daughter peace of mind that I am alright.
Norah W
30th January 2018

Consistent support
Consistent service provider. Willing to listen to problems. Acceptable complaints procedure.
11th January 2018

The carer is a very special person
The carer is a very special person, Granny really bonded with her and said repeatedly that she had a gentle way. She also loved her cooking. She is patient, kind and I am sure her experience has made her very resourceful.
Melissa L
9th January 2018

Bluebird Care Bromley
Thank you to you and your team for all the help you give to our relative. We are all very grateful.
Badcock Family
2nd January 2018

Very pleasantly surprised
You tend to only hear about the horror stories, so at first I was expecting an average level of service coupled with a degree of unreliability, staff not turning up etc. Bluebird have been proactive and have more than fulfilled our expectations. Communication is excellent, particularly with the use of the Openpass App, we can see daily who is due and when when together with post visit notes. Using Bluebird for over 6 months now and never been let down once. Mum is very happy with the visits and I appreciate a flexible approach to our needs.
David T
13th December 2017

Excellent care
The carers are always polite, friendly and carry out their Tasks professionally. It is always good to have their visit.
Cynthia D
13th December 2017

Thanks again for caring for mum
Firstly let me thank you for the efforts put in to make Fridays Bluebird Christmas party at St George's such fun for us all, mum really enjoyed the children singing and the food and drinks just kept on coming. Hopefully we will be there next year too! Thanks again for caring for mum, I have met a few of the girls now, but special thanks to Jazz who mum bonded with right from the start.
Carol H
12th December 2017

Carers are reliable, friendly
We have found the service satisfactory and the carers are reliable, friendly and work professionally.
Cynthia D
29th November 2017

Care and compassion
I would personally like to thank Vera and Jill for their care and compassion when looking after my Aunt. She was very fond of both of them and she really appreciated their kindness and help at home.
12th October 2017

Efficient and friendly
Carers are efficient and friendly. One can ask no more.
Harry B
5th October 2017

Thank you
My thanks to the staff at Bluebird Care Bromley for the help that 'B' receives.
14th September 2017

Practical support and kindness
Thank you to the excellent staff at Bluebird for your practical support and kindness over the last couple of years. The care provided was not just reliable, but to a high standard and personally tailored to dad's needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Bluebird. I always knew who to contact for help and the regular review meetings were constructive and helpful as dad's dementia progressed. Dad bonded with a couple of the most regular carers well and I know that if he was fully himself he would want to thank you all personally for their commitment and your patience and professionalism.
14th September 2017

Thank you for the care
Thank you for the care service you sorted out for my mum. The live in carer was great and after the initial start time everything went well/ The drop offs and pick ups for Mum's day centre went well too. And Mum seemed calm and happy when I called in at the end of the week, a success. Thank you to the the team for looking after Mum.
Richard C
14th September 2017

Feedback For Bluebird Care
Very helpful and always try to accommodate requests and preferences. Carers very good.
Hazel Waters
31st August 2017

Professional and efficient
I am generally very satisfied with the work provided, they only do cleaning for me. I only have one hour per week as what can be done in the home is limited.
Cynthia B
31st August 2017

Feedback For Bluebird Care
Aysen and Alll staff very helpful. I live in Cyprus and it gives me peace of mind that if my brother needs assistance Bluebird carers will help him and will notify me.
Melvin Preece
29th August 2017

Bluebird Care
My mothers care package has expired, the fact that I am in the process of using your services again on my mothers return from hospital says that I value the care you provide for my mother and feel you meet her needs.
Graham Fee
29th August 2017

Thank you for the care
Thank you for the care you provide my father. He was always very complimentary of how nice your staff were.
29th August 2017

Feedback For Bluebird Care
I am very happy with the level of care and support we have received from Bluebird. The carers I have met all seem helpful and kind to my mother. The office staff are always willing to assist and keep me informed of any developments.
25th August 2017

Wonderful caring support
My wife and I think that Susana is a wonderful caring support and we could not ask for a more caring carer.
23rd August 2017

Mum is getting excellent care
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for mum's recent visit to the garden centre. After speaking with mum about her trip I was taken aback how much she had enjoyed herself and how much it had lifted her spirits. Mum indicated that she shared the transport to the garden centre with a lovely lady and they did not stop chatting in the car and for the remainder of the afternoon! She talked very positively about the spectacular flowers and colours and really enjoyed the tea and cake. I would also like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your assistance with mum's care. As I do not live near mum and cannot visit her as much as I would like it gives me great comfort that she is getting excellent care and I really appreciate the regular calls/updates from you if there is anything that needs discussing etc.
Amanda B
23rd August 2017

High class provider
The carer gives time for a conversation which is very stimulating. Very satisfied.
John P
18th August 2017

A very big thank you
Just want to say a very big thank you for the lovely afternoon we enjoyed on Thursday. We really appreciate all you do for us.
RObert D
3rd August 2017

Lovely ladies
The ladies who we have seen have been lovely and we are really happy with them. So much so that we are now considering a few visits each week.
1st August 2017

Thank you
Thank you very much for arranging the event yesterday, my Mum and my sister and brother in law enjoyed it. The flowers were beautiful.
1st August 2017

Cream Tea
Both D. B. and N. W. asked me to be sure and pass on their thanks for the cream tea treat they enjoyed yesterday. Both of them had a great time and when I was taking them home were already talking about perhaps seeing each other at the next one! I said I would make sure I conveyed their thanks.
1st August 2017

Deal with problems quickly
Very efficient service especially if their are difficulties with carers.
Elizabeth Whiting
28th July 2017

The care my mum receives is first class
The care my mum receives is first class. She is 98 and mentally is incredible. Karen her main carer sees a need and deals with it. Karen texts when Mum's meds are due and she is on the ball regarding meds for her personal care. Karen always arrives on time as does her weekend carer Vera. My sister and I feel that whilst, in my case, at work and my sister who lives 60 miles away, our dear Mum is safe in the hands of the carers. They are amazing people and we love them dearly.
Lynda M
28th July 2017

A good company
They are a good company.
Ann B
18th July 2017

Thank you
Once again, I cannot thank Bluebird Care Bromley enough for their help with 'B'.
11th July 2017

Carers understand my needs
The two new carers that you sent me this week, Susanna and Paula, were both excellent, particularly as each of them came with another carer who already understood my needs.
Laurie J
11th July 2017

So efficient and helpful
I am particularly writing to commend the service and the help given to me by the new Bromley area coordinator at Bluebird Care. Lisa came on board in April at a difficult time when B.B. was experiencing staff shortages and when the regular who helps me with my client had been put off for 2 months. Lisa was so efficient and helpful in sorting out the rotas and in always coming back to me with solutions that I feel I want to give this positive feedback. It does make all the difference to have professional input. Thank you to Bluebird all round.
Barbara C
6th July 2017

Bluebird Care Bromley
Thank you for arranging for the double handed half hour call for my husband every other Wednesday. I think he is slowly getting used to the process and apart from the first time when he refused to let them change him, the ladies have done a good job.
Viv O
6th July 2017

An excellent holiday companion and carer
Just wanted to write to express my appreciation and thanks to Tracy and Bluebird Care for enabling me to have a fantastic holiday in the Norwegian Fiords. We were really lucky with the weather and all aspects of the cruise were excellent I found Tracy to be an excellent holiday companion and carer. Her unfailing good humour and cheerfulness and willingness to explore all activities on board and excursions ashore meant that I felt I really got the most out of the holiday and enjoyed every moment. She was both a very conscientious carer and an excellent holiday companion too - quite a skillful combination to achieve!
6th July 2017

Efficient, caring
Efficient and caring provider, staff are kind and responsive.
27th June 2017

Kindness, warmth and respect
I want to thank you and all your team for helping to look after and support Mum, particularly Marie, Vera and Sue. Thats not to say the others were not first class, it's just that I met all those 3. Everyone has treated my Mum with kindness, warmth and respect and I am very grateful for all that you have done.
Anne C
15th June 2017

Cannot thank you enough
I cannot thank your team enough for all the support my sister and I have had over the last few years, as mum battled with dementia and the awful symptoms. We take comfort in knowing that mum is in a better place with my dad and brother.
Tracey H
15th June 2017

Very kind
All the ladies are very caring and kind. I look forward to them visiting me each day.
12th June 2017

Excellent personal approach
Treat the person as an individual. Vigilant about visit and care plan regularly reviewed.
Alison P
25th May 2017

Completely satisfied
Completely satisfied.
17th May 2017

Very good carers
My carers are very good and reliable. I have had the same carers which is important to myself and my husband.
Jean G
9th May 2017

Good and reliable service.
Audrey B
9th May 2017

Caring provider
Caring provider with good communication.
Rosemary W
25th April 2017

Feed Back From Korin Stubberfield
We are delighted with the care that all the bluebird carers give to my mother Ann. Carly and Nicole are her main carers. They are always professional, caring, patient and adaptable. They are an invaluable part of my mums care we would be lost without them and their care.
Korin Stubberfield
7th April 2017

Feedback From Aysen
Mum used a different company previously, but had to switch when they could no longer serve Biggin Hill. Mum's experience of Bluebird is much better. She tends to see the same carer, who arrives at the same time - that makes a big difference to both Mum and Dad. The carer is efficient, friendly and sensible and Mum looks forward to her visit. The admin side is much easier and more professional than our old company, too. I've agreed to sort this out to take the pressure off Mum and Dad, but as I work full-time, it's great I can email/phone and get a swift and helpful response.
6th April 2017

Feedback from a satisfied customer
Bluebird Care is responsive and empathetic to their customers' needs; the vast majority of carers are very good, efficient and reliable, and take trouble to ensure that all tasks are completed to a high standard. Any concerns are properly dealt with, and we have come to know my husband's carers as friends. I think he would be unlikely to get such a high standard of care from anywhere else.
Hazel W
6th April 2017

Very good service
My brother and I would both like to thank Bluebird and particularly the people that have visited and provided daily service to Mum. Bluebird have provided a very good service and given us the support we needed at a critical time.
Guy N
5th April 2017

I was particularly impressed with the way the carer for my mother- in-law has dealt with a rather messy and unpleasant mishap. All bedding was changed, the carpet was scrubbed and her room made presentable whilst I dealt with my mother-in-law. Our carer never complains but just gets on with the necessary tasks to ensure my mother-in-law is well looked after. She is firm but caring....old people with early dementia can be quite obstinate! It is reassuring to know that we normally have the same carer as a good report has been established.
Elaine A
4th April 2017

Feedback From A
Everyone is always very helpful.
3rd April 2017

Reliable, considerate, caring
Carers come on time, are reliable and mostly well trained. Efforts are made to provide continuity and the same carers to come regularly. They stay the full time and are very conscientious and caring and develop good relationships even with complex carers.
10th March 2017

Amazing carers
The Bluebird carers were, without exception, amazing. They looked after my Aunt as though she was one of their own family. It was a great comfort to me as I live so far away to know she was in such safe and caring hands. For her, staying in her own home that she had lived in for more than fifty years, was hugely important and with your help we managed to achieve that. The team from Bluebird were a part of her family and for her family was more important than anything else.
Wendy A
21st February 2017

Bluebird Care Bromley
At the end of January on one of the days on which a carer comes to us the Carer noticed that my left eye was bloodshot and persuaded me to visit the West Kent Eye Hospital while she was here. At the hospital, I was told to wait in the waiting area, I then fainted and when I came to I was lying on the floor surrounded by Doctors and Nurses. From then on it would be difficult to praise everybody more.. The Hospital had telephone my home and warned of a problem. so the carer rang the office and arranged to stay until 6 and to be replaced by another carer who would be prepared to stay all night if necessary. Because carers are not allowed to give insulin injections they arranged for the district nurse to call for that purpose and then cooked an evening meal for Marguerite. I could not praise given too highly.
Chas L
18th February 2017

We were very happy with Bluebird Care
We were very happy with Bluebird Care. The carers got to know my Dad and looked after him well. I was always advised if there was a problem. The manager was always able to accommodate my Dad as his health needs changed.
D Hickey
16th February 2017

Friendly and caring
Carers are friendly and caring. They do what they are meant to do. I am happy with Bluebird Care.
David D
16th February 2017

An Available care provider
Some Bluebird staff do a fair job and provide the required care. Communication could be better, sometimes staff are late and I have not been informed until the lateness has occurred. My mother cannot be left alone and this puts the care at risk. Other carers have not been responsible however my complaints have caused improvements in attendance and communication.
31st January 2017
Bluebird Care Bromley replied on 31st January 2017:
Thank you for your feedback. We do ask all our carers to let us know if they're running more than 15mins late, though we're aware that this doesn't always happen. Where we ourselves are informed in time, we always try to let customers know, though during particularly busy periods we may only be able to make one attempt. We're glad to hear that your comments thus have led to an improvement in your experience of our service. Please contact the office anytime if you have any further feedback for us.

Well organised and caring provider
We have been very lucky in that we have had the same person caring for my father for the last 2 years since we employed Bluebird 3 years ago. That carer has shown a very compassionate and great understanding of the elderly. The company are well organised and have an agreed detailed care-plan in place which is easily communicated to all the carers if the normal staff routine is amended when holidays occur.
31st January 2017

An excellent provider
You can trust this company. They are very sensitive to your requirements and help you in every way that they can. If you telephone them with a problem they always help. I would highly recommend them
Maureen A
26th January 2017

Glad To Hear Mum Is Fine
Thank you for showing me compassion and practical support when I had a "meltdown" set of circumstances. Your support and team work helped to bring an emotionally charged situation to a happy conclusion.
26th January 2017

Honest and trustworthy
Honest and trustworthy people that visit. Arriving when I expect them to and treating with respect both me and my home .
26th January 2017

Additional Care At Short Notice
Jo and Bluebird did very well in responding to at very short notice a request for an overnight stay.
Nigel P
24th January 2017

I have got excellent care over the last few years
Jean O
24th January 2017

Very good
They do everything I need and provide someone to talk to.
Harold F W
20th January 2017

Carers great
Carers great. Very friendly.
Bill L
20th January 2017

A trustworthy and caring provider
We employed the service of bluebird care in June 2016 after switching from another care agency who did not perform to our satisfaction. We found found the majority of the carers who looked after my mother to be friendly, caring and well trained and looked after my 92 year old mother very well. They all seemed to be sympathetic to her needs and provided a cheerful efficient service for her. We were particularly impressed by a couple of the carers who visited her three times a day at weekends and who my mother got used to. This was important as my mother had dementia and was more able to recognise easily the regular girls. Overall I've felt that Bluebird Care provided a well trained and friendly team.
Hazel G
19th January 2017

Live In Care For Mum
Live-in care arrangements are working well for my mother. The care co-ordination has improved markedly over the last few months and we feel very able to contact Jo, the co-ordinating supervisor, if and when there are any queries, issues or problems. Our live-in carer, Lydia, works extremely well with my mother and has a calm and very caring approach. Domiciliary visits to cover breaks are well-coordinated by Tom. Handover arrangements for holiday breaks are now handled well and run smoothly.
Rosemary C
27th December 2016

Live In Care For Auntie
There is no doubt that Freda is being very well cared for. Vicky seems to get on well with Freda and I have no concerns there. It is a huge relief to know that Freda is safe. Vicky's grasp of English is not particularly good, and this can be frustrating because I am not sure she understands what I say to her all the time. The one drawback is Vicky's inability to tell me when Freda is running out of food and what she requires. She left it until four days' worth of medication were left before telling me, and this caused a bit of a hiatus. Further, Vicky insisted on chasing the wrong pharmacy for the new prescription, failing to take on board what I had asked of her, and which meant I had to contact Bluebird to get it resolved, It would be really nice if Vicky could tell me when the freezer is running low on Wiltshire Farm Food supplies, and when she needs staple supplies such as bread, milk etc. I have set up an Ocado delivery account, so actually ordering what is needed is simple. I cannot do that however if I do not know what is required. When I visit (bi-weekly on Mondays usually) I would rather spend time talking to auntie than going shopping to top up supplies! I was not particularly impressed with the replacement live in carer for the week Vicky took off.
Kate D
12th December 2016
Bluebird Care Bromley replied on 13th January 2017:
Thank you for your feedback. When you first raised the subject of Vicky’s English language skills with us, we offered to trial somebody else. However, as the key elements of the personal chemistry between Vicky and your aunt were working very well, you were on balance reluctant to rock the boat so at your request we left Vicky in place. If you have changed your mind in this regard, we would be happy to explore alternative options with you. Re: the shopping tasks, we have re-assigned these to the carers who will be covering Vicky’s daily breaks; and our Live-in Care Supervisor will be liaising with the pharmacy over inventory & delivery of all medications from now on. Please don’t forget that one of the advantages of using our Live-in Care service is that we have lots of support and supervision available locally; if there is something important that you need doing, we usually recommend our customers give the directions to the local Live-in Care Supervisor, who will ensure they are enacted. Re: the holiday cover carer, we train all our carers to the same standards, however all carers, especially in a Live-in scenario, take time to familiarise themselves with and fully understand a customer, their home and their routine. We’re sorry to hear that the cover carer fell short of your expectations on this occasion.

Very good provider
Bluebird train their carers well and carers develop a relationship with their customers. The field supervisor is very good at listening to and responding to concerns. Carers keep to their time table and my husband is very well looked after. Carers are always patient and cheerful and very careful about medication etc.
2nd December 2016

Reliable and professional
We have found Bluebird to be reliable and professional. We have regular carers each day with the exception of when sickness and holidays intervene. They arrive on time the vast majority of days. We have house keeping, shopping and pub visits arranged and have recently started with short well being visits every morning.
2nd December 2016

Very caring provider
Excellent service and care, would definitely recommend.
2nd December 2016

I Am Sorry To Hear That Your Mother Margaret Is Leaving Our Care And I Wish Her All The Very Best For The Future. I Will Be Grateful If Would Give Us A Feed Back At Your Convenience On How Service. Thank You
A very good service. Always works well when familiar carers are visiting. Understandable sometimes problems when new/different carers go in. However, if a difficulty or issue does come up, everyone is very helpful in trying to resolve it.
Susan W
27th November 2016

Live In Care For Dad
I wanted a few days of live in care for my Dad so I could take my Mum away for a break. Making the initial arrangements with Jo from Bluebird was simple. She was friendly, efficient and immediately understood the needs of both of my parents. A care package was put in place after detailed consultation with us all. We met Dad's carer, Christine, who came for a couple of afternoon visits prior to our holiday. Christine is wonderful! Although my Dad no longer speaks, she was able to communicate with him effectively and Dad was straight away confident and content and with her. She spent plenty of time with my Mum which set Mum's mind at ease so she and I could go away and know that Dad was in good hands. Dad was expertly cared for whilst we were away and we returned to find a cheerful, smiling and very contented Dad who had evidently had a lovely staycation of his own with Christine........Everything went smoothly from start to finish. We are more than satisfied with the service from the Bluebird team. They manage to be professional and friendly whilst providing a top notch service. We honestly can't fault a thing. And we've already booked the lovely Christine for a return visit in a couple of weeks as we intend to make this a regular arrangement. Thank you, Bluebird.
Janet L
26th November 2016

Care For Grandmother
All of the staff from the answering the telephone calls, office and providing support to my grandmother have been a lifesaver, can't praise them all high enough!! Excellent communication and caring.
24th November 2016

Very happy with the service
We are very happy with the service provided by Bluebird Care. They are very good at updating the service they provide for my Dad as his needs change. I have regular meetings and contact with the manager to update his care plan and advise her of any problems.
24th November 2016

Live In Care For Mum
It was a happy day that Bluebird came into our lives. Living in the states, with a husband that has health issues, and now having possibly stress related issues myself, the Bluebird team has worked wonderfully with the team I have in the U.K. to care for mother's other needs. It has been a magnificent experience. Hiring the right people for the job is not easy, and as it has been possible for us to scrutinise mother's care, any issues we have ever had have been met with kindness, compassion and more importantly - action. Mother is now in a very difficult place with paranoia, and things are getting a little more demanding, and it is good to know that I can trust these people. I have always been most forthright in my observation and opinions and they have been well received and acted upon. Our conversations have always been good. I have never felt that I was a nuisance or not correct when I bought up issues. This agency has been absolutely wonderful to us. Mother is 102 and still living at home. All issues have been resolved by great care , compassion and attention to detail. Great job Bluebird! Bridgit S
Bridgit S
18th November 2016

A talent for matching the correct carer and client
I cannot speak highly enough of the care and attention Alena gave. We, the family, could not have done what she did. Totally professional at all times, caring and thoughtful to my Uncle and all of the family who visited. We could not have wished for better. The service she provided was above and beyond the call of duty... The service that Bluebird Care has provided has been excellent. Thank you so much for your part in all of this. You obviously have a talent for matching the correct carer and client and that cannot be an easy task. Your attention to detail in keeping us informed, on every step of this journey has been excellent. With grateful thanks.
Mrs AD
11th October 2016