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Competent, Professional and Reliable
HCC looked after my sister for approximately two years, initially providing short visits during the day and progressing to provide live-in care towards the end of the period. At the start they stepped in at short notice when my sister was discharged from hospital and have proved reliable and professional over the care period. They stepped up to the mark when additional care was needed and always informed and liaised with us over issues and problems. We would have no hesitation in recommending HCC to others.
Sue And Geoff Fishbourne
5th October 2017

Such kindness and professionalism
On behalf of Mum and all the family we want to thank you for all the care and attention you have provided for Mum, particularly in these last few weeks. Everyone has shown such kindness and professionalism in what has been a difficult and stressful time.
6th July 2017

The journey with Home Counties Carers has been amazing
The journey with Home Counties Carers has been amazing. Three years, eight months and about 40,000 miles on the car, 50 regular clients and half a dozen temporary ones. The weeks and months have flown by but my enthusiasm stays the same. Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of this incredible journey.
6th July 2017

Well organised
Can I just say how useful and well organised I have found your services and would unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone in need of home help.
Barbara Q
2nd May 2017

Kindness and attention
I am writing as a long term friend (of a client) to say how much I appreciated the kindness and attention you displayed in your care of my friend. I am sure that this was a great comfort to her and a great relief to her family and friends. My task as executor has been made very easy for me because of the clean and tidy way her flat was left after she died. I can only assume that this was due to the efforts of your staff and I would be grateful if you would pass on my words of appreciation to those concerned.
John O
18th April 2017

The best agency I have worked with
I remember when Matthew phoned me up, in my professional role as community matron, to tell me about your agency and asking to recommend you to my patients and they families. I told him I was unable to do that because of protocols. I thought to myself the the proof of the pudding would be int he eating and sure enough it was. You are the best agency I have worked with and think there is no better recommendation than getting your agency to look after members of my own family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such loving care of Mum and Dad. I know Mum loved the girls who came to care for her and was always talking about them and my Dad did appreciate what you tried to help him with even if he was awkward at times.
Lynda And Family
24th March 2017

A big thank you
A big thank you for all that you did for Dad over the last 18 months which enabled him to stay in his house as long as possible. Not only for the care but also the chat, the trips out and the advice.
20th January 2017

Kind, caring and compassionate
We had carers from home counties carers when my mother was in her last few weeks of life. We had a night and day carer but they worked as a team. They were kind, caring and compassionate throughout. My mother was not an easy person but they managed her really well with humour and kindness. They worked far beyond their allocated hours and helped each other out when they were meant to be having time off. I was with them for the last 4 days and they were just brilliant. I really cannot praise them enough.
Claire S
24th November 2016

A heartfelt thank you
A heartfelt thank you for all the caring, help, support and above all empathy that everyone at HCC I came into contact with gave me. You are a great team. Apart from the practical support that offered me a breather and for 'C' to stay in her flat for as long as possible, I truly appreciated your flexibility and 'can do' approach. One of the defining characteristics of dementia is that nothing stays the same. 'C's' needs were ever changing and your response was unfailingly positive and I cannot stress enough how much I value you.
Ursula Q
18th October 2016

My relative was in such good hands
A very small thank you to you all. You made the last 18 months of my relative's life happy, she loved you all. My children and I are so grateful for all you did, she looked forward to your visits so much and it was a great comfort for me to know that she was in such good hands.
18th October 2016

24 hour cover
Thank you very much for arranging the 24 hour cover for me. The carer was excellent, caring, energetic and full of initiative. Without your help I would not have been able to have a sedative to ease a not very pleasant procedure.
Sheila D
18th October 2016

Wonderful carers, competent, thorough and dedicated
My mother and father (both in their 90's) wanted to live and be cared for in their own home. Home Counties Carers provided both live in, end of life, care for my father and daily visits to help my mother. The support team at East Horsley were sensitive to our needs and took the time to find the right match for my parents (adjusting to having a live-in carer proved to be a challenge for them). The carers who arrived each day were wonderful - and I learned a lot from them. They were competent, thorough and dedicated to the care of my elderly parents. It was obvious that they enjoyed their work, and valued the support of a small, family run, company. They look after their own staff, as well as the clients. The end result is a very professional service provided by individuals who enjoy their job - which must be very challenging at times but is very much appreciated. Thank you to all at Home Counties Carers who helped to look after my parents, with such kindness, at the end of their lives.
Chris F
27th September 2016

A dignified end of life at home
Communication with the managers of the agency was always excellent - quick, honest responses and where additional help/ changes were required, these were handled well and sensitively. Feedback was always accepted and acted upon wherever and whenever possible, albeit there are inevitable constraints at times. This particular period was a very hard situation for us - end of life, but fortunately, the live-in carer who was allocated was a very suitable person who helped us all in a very caring and considerate manner, settling into a difficult situation very quickly and managing the day to day changes. It was a shame she wasn't available right to the end. The daily carers who also assisted were capable, respectful and had pleasant manners. We had three previous live-in carers for a few months before this and one aspect where they could all benefit from was some food preparation training for basic meals and presentation thereof. Overall a service which enabled a dignified end of life at home
Caroline M
13th September 2016

Home Counties Carers are our life savers
Home Counties Carers are our life savers and have provided a wonderful seamless live-in care arrangement for both our parents since early May 2016. We were lucky enough to have a wonderful carer for a full 2 months and she bonded and had a wonderful relationship with both my parents. Sadly my Mother passed away in June so our worry was that our Father continued to have the companionship and care he so deservedly needed to help him through. In early July a new carer started who has settled so well and knows our Father's every need and is now his permanent carer and my Father has gone from strength to strength under her care. Home Counties provide a wonderful service and their staff, both carers and managerial staff are an absolute credit, always friendly, willing and caring. I would highly recommend Home Counties to all our friends and family (and have already done so!) and I know from conversations too that the carers themselves love working for Home Counties.
Karen B
13th September 2016

Lovely carers, well run agency
Well run agency. Known and used in my professional capacity as community matron prior to current input with both my mother and mother-in-law. Their manager has a nursing background which is always a benefit to the clients and families who need to know everything will be done in the best interest of the client. Always happy to listen to any concerns voiced and willing to use them as a learning opportunity for the future. Lovely carers! Some people may say expensive however you get what you pay for and many agencies leave a lot to be desired.
Lynda B
13th September 2016

A very efficient, cheerful carer
We have found our carer to be a friendly and cheerful personality, a very efficient carer for the weeks she has lived here. Always ready to help, nothing too much trouble. My relative made a lot of progress under her care and most of it has been due to her encouragement. We hope to see something of her in the future.
A K Velderman
29th April 2016

So glad we found Home Counties Carers
They say all roads lead to Rome, well my extensive research to find a reputable, reliable and recommended care company in mid-Surrey to help my Dad with Alzheimers lead to Home Counties Carers. And Im SO glad it did. The hard working team at HCC is conscientious, professional and a pleasure to deal with. They found the perfect people to care for my Dad (initially once a day and gradually increasing to twice daily). When they couldn't provide lovely ladies from his local area (so they had similar mindsets to him) they found lovely ladies from overseas who spoke good English (so he could understand them, despite the fact that he was hard of hearing) and entertained him with stories of their travels and homelands. All the staff were utterly delightful, honest and respectful - brightening his day, and giving him a sense of independence and control in his final months living at home, for which my family and I are eternally grateful.
Cherry Rudge
25th April 2016

Caring, kind and capable
Our family would like to thank the staff at Home Counties Carers for the care provided to our Mum, we really appreciated it and I know Mum was grateful that some of the responsibility of care was lifted. The carers were wonderful, caring, kind and capable.
L Masters
17th March 2016

First rate respite care
Home Counties Carers have been providing occasional care for my wife which has given me a much needed break. They are flexible enough to work around our requirements. The staff are very supportive and the carers hard working and friendly.
Mike Hunt
3rd February 2016

Kind, discreet and extremely competent
Anna at Home Counties Carer is just lovely and it is hard to imagine having a better person to give support to my parents. She is kind, discreet and extremely competent and seems to have got the measure of the situation very quickly. She has a great sense of humour which has helped to iron out some of the more chaotic moments, and I think both Mum and Dad are really appreciating her help. They certainly both speak very highly of her. We would like to keep her for along time.
3rd February 2016

Caring, energetic and full of initiative
I would like to thank the staff at Home Counties Carers for arranging the 24 hour cover for me. My carer was excellent, caring, energetic and full of initiative. Without their help I would not have been able to have a sedative to ease an unpleasant procedure.
S Davidson
27th January 2016

Live in Care
I have been using HCC for just over 2 years, to provide live in care for my elderly aunt. Matthew, Lucinda and Ingrid have been fantastic in every way - providing outstanding support to both myself and my aunt, in what has often been awkward situations. The carers they have provided during this time had generally been equally good and where things haven't worked out they've always been only happy too happy to make alternative arrangements. I couldn't fault their patience, understanding and professional manner and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. They are all stars!
Judith H
9th December 2015

First-Rate Care
I cannot speak highly enough of the care provided to my mother in the last two years of her life . She loved her carers and they clearly loved her . The team at HCC headquarters were also extremely flexible and understanding .
16th September 2015

Hard working, honest, kind
I was very pleased with the care provided by Home Counties Carers. They were efficient, caring and provided me with a first class carer who in turn was hard working, honest, kind and looked after me very well. They were very helpful and dealt with all the queries I had professionally. I would readily recommend them to other people needing care.
V Ingman
9th July 2015

Carers are pleasant, helpful and relilable
The carers who come to see me from Home Counties Carers are pleasant, helpful and reliable.
Margaret L
3rd March 2015

Excellent care and all round service
We have used Home Counties Carers for the past 3-4 years for our Mother, moving from daily visits to full live-in care and HCC have accommodated all changes with lightning speed and efficiency. The staff, both care and office, are all friendly, kind and efficient. Matthew and Lucinda seem to have a knack of employing the right people to work alongside them and as a whole they have provided us with peace of mind knowing that Mother is being well cared for. They all patiently wait for Mum to accept them when really she would rather be independent!
Angie Haines And Caro Brothers
13th February 2015

Full of care and thoughtfulness
I have found my carer from Home Counties Carers to be excellent, full of care and thoughtfulness. HCC are extremely professional, I could not ask for better.
Patti R
5th February 2015

Very helpful
My family are some distance away and I find the care from Home Counties Carers very helpful. My family are happy to know that I am cared for.
Elsie D
5th February 2015

Delightful lady, punctual and thoughtful
My main carer from Home Counties Carers is a delightful lady who really looks after me. She is very lively with a great sense of humour, we have many laughs together. She is punctual, always thoughtful and ready to help in any way, could not be better.
Barbara S
5th February 2015

Courteous and caring
The carers that visit from Home Counties Carers are courteous and caring, gentle when needed but also encouraging when appropriate. They are helpful and happy to assist.
John B
5th February 2015

Friendly and efficient
I am very pleased with the team of carers I have form Home Counties Carers. They are very friendly but also very efficient int heir caring.
Mrs Colyer
4th February 2015

Every help given
We have arranged for more care from Home Counties Carers when my husband returns from the nursing home. I have been given every help in arranging this very movable date.
Patricia B
4th February 2015

The care we receive from Home Counties Carers is satisfactory. I would recommend them to others.
Roni S
4th February 2015

Very Satisfied
My sister, brother and myself have been so pleased with HCC in caring for our mother. They attend to her twice a day and all the carers are wonderful. It is obvious that a great deal of care is taken in choosing the carers and the support and attention from the office staff is very good. We would have no hesitation in recommending HCC.
Julia Barnes
4th February 2015

Totally satisfactory service
We are delighted to have found Home Counties Carers. The staff are cheerful, thoughtful and are always willing to do more than is formally required if they think they can make our lives any easier. All carers are gentle and intelligent and the staff selection ensures an excellent fir between them and us as clients. We have started to think of them as friends and have no hesitation in giving the strongest possible endorsement of the front line as well as the office staff.
Prof. Andrew W
28th January 2015

Wonderful lady carers
The ladies from Home Counties Carers are so caring, so careful and attentive to detail. I have the happiest memories of those who have left. The new team is just as caring and loveable. I have become very fond of them.
John R
28th January 2015

It is a great comfort to know Home Counties Carers are there
Once again, my Mother has been very happy with her carers from Home Counties Carers, one in particular with whom she has found she has many people and places in common. It is great comfort to me personally to know they are there for her.
Jill W
14th January 2015

They do an excellent job
I am grateful to Home Counties Carers for the service they provide, the carers do an excellent job.
Sheila D
14th January 2015

Mum' s Care
Home Counties Carers have cared for Mum on a fairly regular basis since they opened- in fact I think we were one of their first clients! Mum has had a major stroke and is wheelchair bound mainly. She has lived with my Family since my Father passed away. We have had various problems with other agencies / private carers and honestly cannot fault HCC. Struggling to work I tried various agencies with live in carers and every time the care plan fell apart HCC helped restore our faith in care agencies. They are compassionate, understanding, genuinely care and all their carers are professional and very lovely. Matthew and Lucinda are such a nice couple and the office staff are wonderful. Communication is excellent and I feel I know everyone really well. Nowadays we rotate with one private carer 3 weeks and HCC 3 weeks and are always confident that Mum has the very best of care and that I do not ever have to worry. This is a great balance for my Family. If our private carer ever left then HCC would have the whole care package. Not having to worry about Mum whilst working- in my book is priceless. All the carers have become Mum's friend. HCC have never let me down in any way shape or form- I cannot say that about any other agency we have used and believe me we have tried numerous agencies- not because we were ever unhappy with HCC but just due to work and my sons commitments we thought we wanted live in and would keep trying. Quality of life though is very important and I wouldn't hesitate to say that HCC have helped restore that in my Family. Long feedback but if you are reading this because you are trying to find the right care agency for your loved one then it is very important I am honest and speak from the heart.
Claire Edwards
13th January 2015

Mum enjoys the chats
Home Counties Carers always look after mum well and she enjoys the chats with the carers.
Jean Fawley
13th January 2015

Care is second to none
For the last year I have been using HCC to provided care for my elderly aunt, both initially for regular home visits and now for a live in care package. They are absolutely amazing, in care and support they provide both to my aunt and indeed to myself. Everyone within the company does their absolute best to ensure she is comfortable, safe and well cared for at all times. The management do a wonderful job in providing the best live in carers and do their best to ensure that she is happy and the care she receives is second to none. I really value the support of everyone within the company - they are my heroes and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Judith H
13th January 2015

As a health professional I chose HCC for my parents
As a health professional who deals with many agencies I chose Home Counties carers to support my parents. They are always courteous and helpful and do their best for each given situation. As a Professional I am not allowed to recommend agencies so I always give pt's the choice of at least 3 which they then can make their own minds about. I have never heard anything negative said about Home Counties carers.
Lynda Bradley
13th January 2015

Live-in care
Thanks to this agency we have sourced an excellent main live-in carer who is with our mother three weeks in four and provides superb companionship, care and support. We have also established good rapport with the care manager who is responsive to our requests and helps provide flexibility. We believe our feedback will be listened to should we have concerns. All the administrative arrangements have been absolutely fine.
13th January 2015

Infinite patience, kind and most helpful
All the carers at Home Counties Carers are lovely and have infinite patience. They are very kind and most helpful and the agency as a whole is brilliant. They have all eased my load and mind and know that my father is in good hands. Thank you all
Jill Ross
13th January 2015

Very helpful and caring
We are very pleased with the support that Mother receives from Home Counties Carers. She finds the carers very kind and helpful and the agency respond quickly to any concerns.
Sylvia Solarski
13th January 2015

They really do care
Home Counties Carers are a really excellent care agency with a superb team of home carers who did everything possible to ensure my mother was comfortable. Some days were difficult but they rose to the challenge with enthusiasm, humour and empathy. We cannot thank them enough. Hugh P
Hugh P
18th July 2014

A reliable and professional carer
The carers from Home Counties Carers were reliable and on time, usually early. All were kind and professional in the way they treated Mum and kept me informed. The overall care was very good and I would gladly recommend them. Stuart P
Stuart P
8th July 2014

The carer is always cheerful
For mum (who has dementia) we have two different carers - one who comes for a couple of hours each week and a live-in carer. The one who pops in is absolutely awesome and mum very much looks forward to her visits - she's always cheerful and really pays attention to what mum likes doing. When we had a personality clash with the first carer, this was dealt with quickly and efficiently and there have been several follow-up calls to make sure all was ok.
27th June 2014

Friendly carers
What stands out for me at Home Counties Carers is the friendliness of the carers Jeremy
Jeremy Nelson-Smith
3rd June 2014

A very caring provider
Home Counties Carers were very carefully selected as my husband suffers with severe hyper tension and early Alzheimers. From the very beginning they have proved to be the best possible management and carers. My husband has had quite a few spells in hospital and it was then suggested that a care home was the best thing as his problems had worsened. I cannot sing the praises of Home Counties Carers highly enough in every possible way. I would certainly recommend them as they have been brilliant Joyce W
Joyce W
24th April 2014

Untitled review
Very flexible approach - lovely kind, diligent Ladies. Looked after my wife (48) who was recovering from an operation, Fitted in well and unobtrusively in our busy child and dog filled household. Very responsive - when one lady did not quite work for us Home Counties moved quickly to change her with no drama and sensitively done. Highly recommended and happy to recommend if you would like a reference. Tim Wates
Tim Wates
9th April 2014

Untitled review
My elderly Father (97) came back to his house from a nursing home. Home Counties Carers were able to offer him excellent support during the day and also provide a night sleeper at the house. This gave me peace of mind to know that my Father was well cared for and safe. The carers were well trained and very caring to my Father. I have no hesitation in recommending Home Counties Carers.

24th January 2014

Untitled review
Home Counties Carers has lovely carers that help me care for my partner with Alzheimers and work with me to ensure that he retains as many skills as possible following an accident. Very supportive and willing to adapt to changing needs.

24th January 2014

Untitled review
The team from Home Counties Carers provided sterling care for our increasingly frail mother in law in the weeks leading up to a more permanent care home solution. They offered warmth and companionship combined with professional caring in terms of bathing support and nutritional regime. Each carer was well liked, reliable and responsible and not only made a difference to Grandma but, as importantly to us, providing the daily support and reassurance to us all. We would certainly recommend them.

22nd January 2014

Untitled review
When my Mother lost her husband she was completely overwhelmed with grief. Unable to return to their family home because it would have meant nights alone and having to do everyday tasks which were impossible to contemplate, she came to me. I soon realised that she was just sitting, lost in grief. I was unable to leave her alone even for an hour. Home Counties Carers came into our lives and, most importantly, became genuine companions to her. What a relief they were. Thank you.

22nd January 2014

Untitled review
We had been caring for our elderly Mother for some time and, therefore, when we decided to have carers looking after her in her own home we spent a lot of time to secure the very best possible for her. We certainly found the care and expertise we were looking for with Home Counties Carers. All the ladies who care for our Mother offer a unique quality of care and support, they are all absolutely fantastic, and have given my sister and I complete peace of mind. I would highly recommend this company.

21st January 2014

Untitled review
After extensive research interviewing local home care providers for my Mother (91), we chose Home Counties Carers because they gave us the confidence that they really did care. Their approach to her needs and the service they provide has proven to be excellent in all respects. Nothing is too much trouble and the thoughtful, gentle, friendly and kind way the carers treat my Mother is of the highest standard, also the delightful, very approachable owner is a trained nurse which is very reassuring.

21st January 2014

Untitled review
In 10 years of caring for my Mother (89) with dementia, I finally found Home Counties Carers: the best in all the agencies I tried to help me. From the interviews with the manager, who is a senior and very experienced and professional nurse, I knew I had found what we needed. All the carers were professional, experienced, kind and very considerate, calm, respectful and warm people who helped us enormously and whom I shall never forget.

21st January 2014