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Agincare Live-in Care
We are thrilled to see M already blossoming under your care and can see M's interest in engaging already more like it used to be. Everything is looking so much more positive for her thanks to you all.
8th February 2018

Caring for my mother
The new carer is doing a great job with caring for my mother. Of course we thought that R's boots would be difficult to fill but it's all worked out well.
Gary G
8th February 2018

The carer has been fantastic
The carer has been fantastic since her arrival.
Anna L
8th February 2018

Wonderful and devoted care
The care that has been provided has been a huge boost and comfort to my wife.
Andrew K
7th February 2018

Great company for Mum
I just wanted to let you know that Corina has been the best live in carer that Mum has had from Agincare. She is a very happy person which makes Mum happy and she is great company for Mum as they sit and chat together and watch TV. I know Mum will miss her and therefore if there is an opportunity for her to return in the future please can you put this request on the records you hold for Mum.
Anita A
7th February 2018

Mum's carer is exceptional
I just wanted to say how delighted with the level of care provided by 'J'. She always goes the extra mile and is extremely professional and compassionate. I am not sure if you reward your staff, but she should be highly commended and financially recompensed. I've used about 4 care agencies over the years and encountered more than 30 carers. Some have been good and most have been average. 'J' is however, exceptional and we are thrilled to have her looking after Mum.
Matt G
7th February 2018

Transformed her daily life
Thank you to all involved for everything you are doing/do to help M - it is very much appreciated by her and by all the family. I honestly cannot thank you enough as you have transformed her daily life in a few months despite her physical decline.
Anna L
2nd January 2018

Care worker feedback
Agincare was for me a nice, useful educational experience, the most interesting I have ever had. I enjoyed the training and I would like continue my career with this company. With the right logistics and right people it is amazing and very satisfying. The way that I am treated by Agincare is for me, the type of company that I want work for. I have learned the real meaning of care and assuming responsibilities. All my colleagues are really hard working people with a sense of respecting people and equality. Congratulations for all work you have done!
4th December 2017

Employee that gives support to others
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for a real support person employed by Agincare, person that every time I had a problem, issue, need, was there for me, prompt, professional and helpful. He should be given as an example to all workers in our organisation, as workforce in UK is falling in quality; he stands above all by bringing these qualities to Agincare. His name is Ben P. Thank you Ben, keep up the good work!
Bogdan F
24th November 2017
Agincare Live-in Care Services replied on 5th December 2017:
Thank you so much for your kind words. We have made Ben aware and he is extremely pleased to have received your feedback. Best regards.

Agincare Live-in Care
I am very pleased to say that there has been a big improvement to the organisation of covering my regular carer's holiday breaks. New carers have been found in plenty of time, and H has already arranged for a carer I know to come at Christmas, when my regular carer is on her break. I am very pleased indeed about this . She is very efficient and it avoids any last minute uncertainty for me and for the carer who is going on holiday. I would also like to say that the new scheme of having Regional Care Managers doing the weekly calls is working very well. I am very happy with C.B. whom I have known for about a year now. She makes her weekly calls diligently and it is nice that I feel she knows me and my family situation. I also feel she definitely has my best interests at heart. She is the most efficient and reliable care manager I have had. There still seems to be a problem with supplies being sent to my old address . This is frustrating for the carers and I dread to think what the new occupants must think when boxes of gloves arrive ! We have lived in our new house since March , but the supplies team are still using printed labels with my old address on. I hope things are well with you both? Many thanks for all Agincare does to make my life as comfortable and meaningful as possible.
21st November 2017
Agincare Live-in Care Services replied on 5th December 2017:
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We really appreciate it. We try to use all feedback to improve our service so we will look at the areas you mention and will do what we can to ensure this is put right. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Regards.

Recent live-in care enquiry
I was extremely pleased with the help I got over the phone, really very helpful.
Mrs D
16th November 2017
Agincare Live-in Care Services replied on 18th November 2017:
Thank you for your feedback.

The care worker we chose was excellent
When I first started thinking about finding care for my grandmother, I didn't know where to look and was initially worried about speaking with a stranger over the phone about something so personal to me. I typed in live-in care online and called the first number to appear and I am relieved it was Agincare I called. In the first few minutes, I knew I had made the right choice for my grandmother. The advisor was friendly and approached the situation in a caring and sensitive manner. We arranged to have an appointment with an assessor and spoke at length over a cup of tea and when we were ready to move forward they let us choose our own care worker. The care worker we chose was excellent and upon arrival hit it off with my grandmother, we have had care now for several months and I feel safe in the knowledge she is being looked after by someone I can trust.
16th November 2017

Gentleness, respect, encouragement and genuine care
I would like to thank Agincare for the sensitivity that they have shown to my father and to me, his daughter, in arranging full-time live-in care for my father. Both Dad and I were very impressed with the lady who came and visited my father in hospital to assess his needs. She demonstrated that she was not only assessing how he was physically and medically, but to genuinely get to know him in order to match him as closely as possible to a carer. Agincare were able to provide a carer so swiftly meaning my father was able to get out of hospital in less than a week. The carer, in the words of my father is "a gem". I know that being a carer is his job but he brings to it such gentleness, respect, encouragement and genuine "care" for my Dad at all times. I know that he is there for Dad and this means so much to both of us. One hears so much about the care of the elderly (mostly bad) but this is one person who is very positive about the care received to date.
Tilly J
16th November 2017

Agincare Live-in Care Services
They were very professional and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone.
15th November 2017
Agincare Live-in Care Services replied on 16th November 2017:
Thank you for your valued feedback. We're pleased you found our service so positive. If there is anything else we can do to help you, please let us know. Best regards, Agincare Live-in Care

Live-in care is working out brilliantly
I am very happy with V and A as my team of carers is working out brilliantly. In the past 2 weeks, V has enabled me to accomplish some important things. It takes time for care workers to learn my routine. With A and V as my team there is no need to explain anything and I can carry on with my life as normal when there is a changeover. I am achieving more and there has been an increase in my physical stamina over the past few months due to the continuity. I hope the arrangement can continue for as long as possible.
14th November 2017